Done and done!

3 months late on my last deadline but now I’m done. As of Friday the 1st August my E.P will be available on all platforms for download. Not that anybody else cares or anything but it’s been lingering way too long. I almost feel like a weight has been lifted from me. The final hurdle was reached after I asked an old friend of mine to come on board and sort out my cover art. I had come to a stand still but the genius that is Paul Delaney looked inside my mess of ideas and turned them into a solid reality. Its just because It was my first release that I put so much thought/time & effort into it. Now that I know the ropes. It’s time to really get going. I’m getting right back on that horse to do it all again :-)

Quick Update!

I’ve totally gone to sleep with this tumblr shit again……

Money has been tight with regards to the Studio time as I have bought a New Van for travelling to gigs. I guess you could call that an Investment. I’m currently working with a Drummer for the first time in years and I’m happy to say its going good. Anybody who has ever been in a band EVER! knows the problems that occur with drummers being fast/slow/whatever and genarally speaking they do not like to discuss any of that. Fortunately I have lucked out here with a Right Place, Right Time situation. We should be hitting the road very soon.

I spent a good portion of the Winter and the new year working on mixing and while I was mixing down ‘Love Is On The Line' I ended up writing a whole new Horn Section for it. This, i thought, would be a lot better if it was played by a genuine horn section so I made a few calls, hooked a few players and began working with them at rehearsals and consequently looked at one of them joining the band but after all the work I put in on ‘love is on the line’ among others, one of the players just decided he didnt want to do it anymore and it all fell apart (the players that is, the parts are just fine :-) I have just spoken with a professional trumpet player today however, and after hearing my woes he has decided to do it for free. Note to self  ‘stop writing new parts before thinking things thru’

The Studio where I have recorded this E.P has decided to move also, which is great for the guys at StudioCPR but not so great for me as it was only 4 miles from my house. Im looking forward to seeing the new place. Im gonna try to book into the studio on Mar 18th to put down the Trumpets.

My new goal to complete this E.P is May 1st. I have done this before and failed but at least it’s a goal.


It’s been a long time coming…

Yes, I finally managed to get Lorraine Crowley into the Studio to lay down my backing vocals. After almost a year of talking about it and almost the same amount of time trying to actually make it happen, all the pieces finally fell into place on Tuesday the 19th November.

And I have to say, if I was to do it all over again I dont think I would change a thing. Everything went exactly how I hoped/knew it would. The legend that is Laurie Hedger weaved his magic once again, selecting a sexy Mic but all credit really needs to go to Lorraine on this one because in the end she absolutely nailed it.

I will post a little behind the scenes video soon so you can see all that we got upto while recording but right now I’m still just floating around on cloud 9.

See the snap below…….


E.P Update

There are still 2 tracks waiting on Bass and 1 waiting on Drums so in the grand scheme of things Im nearly at the end.

When I started this project I didnt just want to just fire out some piece of shit record that had no production value. I selected some of the finest musicians I know of and simply waited untill they had the time to record with me. In the end I’m delighted that all but two of the people I originally wanted on the record made it on there but there is still a little time left before it is totally complete so I’ll hold out hope for a little longer.

Late Night Recording

Had a bit of a late one last night putting the finishing touches on the Guide Tracks for the Studio in Sept. I’m starting to get noticeably excited now. It all seems to be coming together nicely. Although, having said that I am getting a slight sense of Déjà vu. Only 9 more days to go….

I’m actually Booked in. Sept 9th

The date is set, and so, it all begins again!

Lately we have been painstakingly going over all the material for what will be a 6 track E.P.  I decided after much deliberation with myself that putting out an album at this time was not a good idea. The time, effort and money that would go into such an endeavor is not something I have right now and without the luxury of my own studio or an album backer/financier, well, you get the picture.

The studio we will be using this time round will once again be Studio CPR. In my experience It’s hard to come by a nicer guy than the studios loving owner Laurie Hedger. Laurie draws on a wealth of experience gained from being a Live/Session drummer for more than 20yrs.

I have also used Laurie’s talents before as a Session Drummer on several of my tracks, many of which will be featured on the record. Click here to find out more about Laurie, who also run a drum tuition course (PlayDrums+) from his studio which is tucked away near Lough Hyne Mountain, West Cork.

Edgars Bass is all set and ready to go. We should have it back in our midst on Sun 1st of Sept.

For all of those wonderful people who helped me spread the word about my facebook page and to everybody who clicked that like button since the beginning way back in 2012, all the names will be put in a jar and I will be selecting 100 lucky winners who will all recieve a bran spanking new copy of My Secret Collective’s E.P when It is complete. Thanks for all your support and I’m sure I’ll see you all very soon, Lots of Love, P.

(Here’s a pic of Edgar with the former ‘Bass from Hell’)


Things are looking Up:-)

Ive been busy writing new songs for the last few days (Yay) and this laryngitis I’ve been dealing with is finally start to fuck off (Double Yay).Usually I hate Antibiotics as a means to sort out sickness. For me they tend do more harm than they ever do good but I’m happy to report that in this case they seem to be, fairly effectively, bating bacteria into submission.

What a weird feeling it is writing songs without being able to sing along as I’m writing them. It’s like two completely different processes. On one side, I’m writing these lyrics and I’m thinkin yeah these could be good but then i sit down and start trying out some melodies and I have no idea if the lyrics actually sound good over them or not because I can’t sing em. I just gotta trust my instincts for now I guess.

P.S, Does anyone think AskFm is a good thing? I signed up for a look and it seems just as fucked as everyone says it is.

Catch ya on the flipside!

The Studio Beckons Once Again!

My time in the Studio has always been somewhat of a challenge. I always enter with the same enthusiasm as I did before whilst hoping that I’d bring with me the lessons I learned from last time. Needless to say that this never ends as planned.

Something (in my case) is always going to go wrong. The last time I embarked on what I like to call 'The Studio Saga's', was in April of this year.  I, along with my Bassist and long time friend Edgar Kreicbergs, went over the material which we intended to record. I thought we did this quite vigorously at the time but in retrospect it may have been a little bit half Assed (This is one of the lessons I would like to take back with me next time). That aside, it was when we reached the studio that the problems began.

The term 'Bass from Hell' springs to mind, and not in a good way. We were able to break down the parts that we had not prepared correctly pretty fast but It was soon very obvious that there was something fucked up going on with Edgars Bass. Add to that Edgars denile of the problem, the Sound Engineers attemps at fixing the problem (via asorted tuners, of which for some reason Edgar has never been comfortable with *We now know why!) along with my own little episodes of panic (I’m paying the Bill for this) and you have yourself one very frustrating ‘Studio Saga’.

Now, nearly five months later. The Problem with the Bass or should I say the set of problems with the Bass, have been identified. It is now in the hands of one of the finest Violin makers in Ireland James O’ Halloran with whom I do all my modifications with as there is no one I have dealt with that has his knowledge or skill.

I will be heading into the Studio, all going to plan (which it won’t) in about two weeks. Just as soon as this bout of Viral Laryngitis finally leaves me be. You really dont know how frustrating it is not been able to talk untill the pleasure has been taken away from you.

In other news, I have been busy these last few months with several little projects. Mostly collaborations with old friends and some new. I met a few Drummers who are interested in joining the ranks and one Beautiful young talent that I hope will join me as a lead singer when she is ready.

My Stompbox creation is complete. Some minor tweaks need to be made but it sounds fantastic. Big Thanks to my friend and fellow musician Jonathan Harvey at ‘HarveyMorrison Joinery’ for putting together the prototype casing. I look forward to stramlining it further over the winter months. See Pictures Attached:-)image

In the Interest of being Interesting!

I thought I would at least attempt to keep the ball rolling here or keys clicking as it were.

Aside from growing weary at playing some souless gigs recently I have found that, the love I once had for playing covers songs has returned.

There was a time when singing the latest track in the charts or re-hashing some long lost ditty used to give me butterflies but somewhere along the line it was drummed out of me.

Back in Time……….

It used to be that when you sang a cover of a song, it was just that, a cover.  Your cover! Singing a song on your own terms, with your own arrangement and so on. It was what the song meant to YOU and how you understood the lyrics and meaning. That’s what made a good cover. That’s what counted.

Then came the  arrogant ones. The ‘Music Snobs’. The ones that screamed throughout every fibre of their bones that, if you dont play the music I like the way I like, you’re doing it wrong. They tried to make me conform to becomming a "Three Chord Trick" as they told me nobody cares for the ‘complicated shite’ (It’s an Irish turn of phrase). Basically telling me that music lovers in general were idiots that could not understand nor comprehend a piece of music with more than three chords and a 4/4 beat.

And so, as a result of this I ‘Dumbed Down’ my cover songs to accommodate these people and over time grew increasingly annoyed at playing these cover songs live. There was nothing interesting about the songs for me anymore. It became more about trying to hold onto gigs by playing these simplified versions of popular songs than enjoying the music itself, and that my friends is a deal breaker!

So Im happy to say that Im back playing all the covers that make me happy again and Im playing them exactly how I like.

So all the arrogant ones can go and jump because I just dont care anymore. Even if the only place that will pay to have me is the Streets!

Do what makes you Happy while you can.  Much Love, Paulie

Im liberating my songs from the now baron wasteland f MySpace.

*New Track ‘Before The Light’ - Penny for ur thoughts?